Damson & Co

Flat White Spicy salt cod broth

Inside it’s cosy with dark blue leather chairs and a dark wood bar . There’s also a little bit of the shabby-chic East London vibe and looking around it was hard to decide exactly what it was trying to be. The menu reflects this, as there’s comfort brunch dishes, but also oysters, ceviche and charcuteries. With some people typing away on their Macs over a coffee, and others having a proper lunch, it’s not quite a coffee house or a restaurant. But that’s part of it’s charm.

I went for the spicy salt cod broth, noticing a vibrant orange bowl on the table next to me and a flat white. The coffee was great. Not as good as the flat white at Kaffeine, but it had a good depth of flavour to it. The broth had a little too much lemon grass and not enough spice, but at £3 a bowl I’m not complaining. It was the perfect place to go for a great coffee and a warm retreat from the September rain outside.

Damson & Co, 21 Brewer St, Soho.



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