Burger & Lobster, Harvey Nics

Finally a Burger & Lobster without a two hour queue. We showed up on a Saturday lunchtime and were shown straight to a table. Let’s hope it stays this way, because as much as I do love B&L, very few meals are ever worth a two hour wait.

Inside it is more spacious than the other B&L’s and given it’s top floor spot a lot brighter too. Here you find shoppers sipping away at a spritzer, and to please these customers they have introduced a California Burger. That’s right, a burger without the bloody bun! Thankfully the waitress didn’t offer us this, as no doubt my calorie-couting mother may have been tempted. Not in my presence. So it was the standard reliable trio- a lobster, a burger or the lobster roll. All £20. All excellent. No menu, no hard choices. Pleasing simplicity.

My mum went for the lobster. It’s boiled and finished off with a blast under the grill to give the skin a nice char, and it comes with a choice of butter sauce or garlic and lemon butter. With it comes perfect fries, a nicely dressed side salad and a bib for the inevitable slops. For £20 you really can’t complain. I’ve heard  that it’s the cheapest full lobster you can eat in a London restaurant now.


I went for the burger. Some people may gasp at the £20 tag (it’s basically 20 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s!), and I do think that there are several better burgers in London for half this price, but it is one big old burger, bursting with a juicy patty made from excellent meat, good strong cheese and bacon and salty fries. It guarantees that you’ll be loosening a buckle at the end.


Although I didn’t go for it today, the lobster roll really deserves a shout out. I never really got it until I tried it. I always thought why would I go for a lobster roll when I could have the full lobster for the same price. But with all that lobster claw packed into a brioche bun you’ll soon find that you’re eating one of best sandwiches around.


So once again I left B&L very happy. Even happier that I didn’t have to queue. And to top it off the staff were far friendlier than in the other B&L’s, as they weren’t chasing us out as soon as we had finished, and instead allowed us to finish off our  bottle of Pinot (£35). They even offered us a coffee! B&L has nailed it again and I hope their take over of London continues.

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Fifth Floor, Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge,  SW1X 7RJ

Square Meal


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