Pizza Pilgrims

I never managed to catch the van. It had swanned on over to Knightsbridge before I could nab a slice of their famed pizza. But thankfully they have opened up a restaurant on Dean Street. Inside has a cosy old-school feel with the clay oven taking centre stage. Upstairs there are 8 window seats perfect if you’re eating alone and want to people watch.



I went the Guest Pizza (£9)- smoked mozzarella, courgette, garlic and lemon and chilli (which it could have done with a little more of). After the first bite I’m happy to say that the pilgrimage was really worth it. They’ve  nailed the art. So many restaurants get it wrong- the dough is either soggy and can’t hold the toppings, or it’s too crisp with no flavour. Here the dough was piping hot and incredibly soft, like the best bread. The toppings really worked and with a drizzle of good chilli oil it was the perfect pizza. It might not look like the prettiest pizza, but that’s the way it should be. After all it is homemade. I’m sick of every pizza being so uniform and neat with perfectly round pepperoni slices.


A week later I was back, this time ordering the Marinara. Again it was a top notch pizza. That dough really is the best I’ve had, and the tomato sauce is really rich, making it a steal at £6.


It’s hard not to love Pizza Pilgrims, and the pizza is up there with the best I’ve had in London. It’s worth taking a look on their website as well just to see how far they went to bring this pizza back to us.


11 Dean St, London W1D 3RP


Square Meal


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