This has been my Soho saviour on many occasions. With so much to choose from in the area, sometimes all you need is the safe option of a pulled pork sandwich, a pint of Sam Adams and thirty minutes of watching some American sport you don’t understand but convince yourself that you really care about. Bodean’s gives you all of this. Today it was USA vs. Russia in the Winter Olympics ice hockey. There was whooping and hollering in true Yank style from plenty of the diners. It’s hard not to like the place, even if you do find these people bloody annoying.


Bodean’s specialises in BBQ meat , especially pork, so don’t be tempted into going for anything else. If you come here and order the grilled veggie sandwich or Caesar salad, then you’re no person I ever want to meet and you should take a long hard look at yourself. You can come here for a more formal BBQ meal and sit downstairs, but for me it’s all about the wolfing a deli sandwich with a good cold beer. When you’re hungry and not in a mood to look over a menu of small plates with ingredients you haven’t heard of before, then what better than something that promises mounds and mounds of pulled pork stacked in a sandwich.  At £7.95 for the large version, they really aren’t lying either. This is a great value when you think that it comes with fires, a paprika or chipotle mayo, and a great choice of sauces to lube things up. A Subway sandwich wouldn’t set you back much less. The only complaint I have is the bun, which is a standard floured bun, the type you buy in a 4 pack from Warburton’s. It doesn’t ever hold and disintegrates in your hand, and it makes things a bit dry. A brioche bun here would be a real treat.


I had the Boston Butt (£7.95 for 200g) which is pretty much the same as the Pulled Pork, except it has coleslaw in as well. Again you really get a lot for your money. The pork had a great smokiness to it, and was really juicy. A side of Nachos (£1.95) with Chilli con Queso (£1.75) was a little boring, but then again how can you make nachos interesting. These just felt a little too close to the kind you get at the cinema.



Today the sandwich once again did the job that was required of it. It might not be the best BBQ joint in the area, try Pitt Cue Co for that. But the atmosphere and the cheap price makes it stand out, and it’ll always be a spot I come to for a quick fix. It’s also a great place to come if you want to catch some American sports, and it beats all the themed sports bars that serve flat beer and are full of tourists.

Food: 6/10

Service: N/a (it’s basically self-service, but the staff on hand are always friendly)

Atmosphere: 8.5/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ

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Square Meal


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