Patty & Bun

Today two strange things happened. The first was this sudden jump in the temperature that happens around this time every year, but still manages to shock me. The second was that strolling past Patty & Bun while enjoying this weather, I found that there was only a twenty minute queue! Talk about having a good day. Imagine saying to somebody ten years ago, that in the future you’ll thank you’re lucky stars when a queue for a burger is less than an hour. Well it shows just how far us Londoners are willing to go for a good one. People will even venture into the deep and dangerous south for a taste of Dirty Burger. As much as the trend had died down this year, burger joints still are the go-to place when you need a treat.


The menu, just like the decor, keeps things simple like all good burger joints should (take a hint Hache). The only difference here being you can also get your chops messy on a chicken or a lamb burger. Not for me thanks. It should only ever be beef. So I stuck with what I know and went for the Smokey Robison (£8.50). God damn this was one beautiful burger to look at. Handsome and dirty at the same time. It looks all dainty and neat, but as soon as your chops clamp down juices are flowing. Kind of like a classy looking lady who turns out to be a real fiend in the sack. The winning combo. IMG_2105

First up you have the brioche bun. This really is what all other buns should aspire to be like. It holds its shape until the last bite. No matter how much sauce you squeeze on there this bun doesn’t disintegrate in your hands. Then there’s the crunchy smoky bacon that gives it a real bite. The patty here is quality, but isn’t quite as good as Honest Burger. I don’t know if they use Ginger Pig meat, but this just didn’t have that same depth of flavour. Still though it was one tasty patty. The only let down came from the caramelised onions, which didn’t do their usual trick of sweetening things up. Maybe there just wasn’t enough of them in there. This was one smoky burger and it needed a hit of sweet to cut through it all. It just came across as being a bit too bold and heavy.


The side of chips with rosemary salt (£2.50) were all perfectly crunchy, and it was a nice touch having the skins on. But there just needed more of a hit of rosemary. So you’re all in for £11, which is about middle of the range on the burger scale.

Patty & Bun is still one of the best places in London for a burger and now that the hype has died down a little you don’t need to camp up outside the night before to guarantee yourself a seat. They’re expanding as well with a new place set to open over towards Liverpool St. But for me Honest Burger still is the top dog. This isn’t too far behind though.

Overall: 8/10

54 James St, London, Greater London W1U 1EU

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